Beijing’s Top Tourist Attractions

Beijing has rich, colorful and wonderful tourist attractions, more than 200 which are open and free to the public, these include imperial court which is the largest in the world ( the Forbidden City), the temple for offering sacrifice to the Heaven – the Temple of Heaven, the imperial gardens – Houhai, the Summer Palace and Yuanmingyuan Garden (or the Old Summer Palace) as well as Badaling Great Wall and Prince Gong’s Mansion. Here are some of Beijing’s Top Tourist Attractions

World Cultural Heritages in Beijing

Beijing ranks the No.1 city boasting the most world heritage sites in the world, whose number has reached 6 by the end of 2012, namely, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Zhoukoudian Peking Man Museum, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace and the Ming Tombs.

World Geopark in Beijing

Beijing is the first capital city boasting a World Geopark in the world, namely, Fangshan World Geopark. It is composed of 8 areas and highlighted by Zhoukoudian Peking Man Site and Yunju Temple, fully displaying the geological evolution history in North China over millions of years, which is truly a natural geological museum in the world.

National-Level Scenic Areas in Beijing

A number of national-level scenic areas are available in Beijing, including Badaling Great Wall, the Ming Tombs and Stone Flower Cave, among which Badaling Great Wall boasts the best section of its kind in China, the Ming Tomb Cluster is the most magnificent one of its kind in the world, and the Flower Cave is considered as one of “China’s Top 4 Karst Caves” to add to Flute Cave in Guilin, and Yaolin Cave in Hangzhou and Yuhua Cave in Fujian.

Chinese Historical & Cultural Streets in Beijing

Two Chinese historical and cultural streets are available in Beijing. Namely, Guozijian Street and Pipe Skew Street, both of which have a long history of over 700 years, and the former is famous for the Confucius Temple and the Imperial Academy on it, while the latter features Beijing local souvenirs and snacks.

Chinese Historical & Cultural Villages in Beijing

Beijing has 3 Chinese historical and cultural villages, namely, Cuandixia Village, Lingshui Village and Liuliqu village, each of which has its unique characteristic.

Tentative World Heritages in Beijing

There are 6 tentative world heritages in Beijing, namely, the Great Canal, the Pagoda Cluster in Yunju Temple, the Old Observatory, Beihai Park and Lugou Bridge, all of which are worthy of your visit.

Shopping Spots in Beijing

Beijing is the only inland city ranked in the Top 15 Shopping Cities in the world, and it’s blessed with over 100 large and middle-sized shopping malls, most of which are distributed on Wangfujing Avenue, Qianmen Street, Xidan Commercial Street and Zhongguancun Square. If you’re interested enough in curios, Liulichang, Panjiayuan, and Curio City are ideal places for you, where you can buy traditional Chinese souvenirs from cloisonné to clay figures and then to paper-cuttings. If you travel during the cold seasons, check out how to keep fingertips warm when going around sightseeing.